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BLOOM by musician Brian Eno

cool sound related iphone app i just discovered that lets you create looped ambient music

downtown art

“The free, public phenomenon known as The Downtown Art Walk brings together art lovers and community friends to the ever evolving downtown Los Angeles. With exciting and unique offerings around every corner, downtown celebrates the arts each month on the 2nd Thursday.”

“The Citizen LA Downtown Art Park is designed to bring artists, vendors, performers and audience together for an evening of live entertainment and uninhibited shopping under the stars.

The Downtown Art Park is an independent event that operates during the Downtown Art Walk; a high-visibility event which draws an estimated crowd of 20,000+ each month.

This event is FREE to the public and takes place on the second Thursday of each month.”

site analysis

site density

why is it that the most dense part (in terms of built environment) of the second most populous city in the united states is one of the least dense in terms of inhabitants?

-there are plenty of new and upcoming converted warehouse buildings with lofts for people to live in, so the lack of housing isn’t the problem

-all work and no play makes downtown LA a dull city

vellum show

vellum final