Soundscapes are about the relationship between the human ear, localized sounds in the surrounding environment (both natural and man-made), and society.  Soundscapes can help to create the perception of spaciousness but also envelopment.  Sound design isn’t only about sound mitigation.  Sound enhancement is just as important as sound control.  When designing a soundscape, one must consider psychological, spatial, acoustic, social, and environmental aspects. Experimental American composer John Cage, by way of his controversial piece 4’33”, claimed that the whole world and all sounds emanating from it was a musical composition.  I hope to use the juxtaposition and adjacencies created between a school of performing arts and a public commercial space to create an engaging soundscape that promotes user interaction.  My thesis intends to be a more permanent Downtown Art Park, where local artists can meet and share ideas with each other and present their work to the public.